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Gulf Baader Capital Markets (GBCM) was promoted by Gulf Investment Services Holding Company(GIS) SAOG and Baader Bank AG of Germany (Baader Bank).GBCM commenced its operations from January 2008.

In March 2019, GIS, our Parent Company has completed the purchase of 30% minority stake owned by Baader Bank in GBCM. GBCM became a fully owned subsidiary of GIS, which is backed by strong and prominent shareholders who have committed to the Investment Banking business in Oman since inception.

GBCM remains the only ISO 9001-2015 Certified investment services company in Oman. GBCM is also a FATCA compliant company...Read More

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Regional Markets
Country Closing%MTD%QTD%YTD
Abu Dhabi4311.70.60.6-15.1
MSCI GCC477.40.30.3-16.2
S &P GCC Composite97.60.20.2-15.9
Global Markets
Country Closing%MTD%QTD%YTD
S&P 5003153.21.71.7-2.4
Dow Jones26002.70.70.7-8.9
FTSE 1006242.71.21.2-17.2
CAC 405059.82.52.5-15.4
Nikkei 22146-0.6-0.6-6.4
Hang Seng25124.22.92.9-10.9
India- Nifty10551.72.42.4-13.3
MSCI World 2211.30.40.4-6.2
MSCI EM1001.10.60.6-10.2
MSCI FM481.50.30.3-17.8
Commodities Markets
Country Closing%MTD%QTD%YTD
NYMEX WTI Crude40.12.22.2-31.2
ICE Brent Crude42.53.03.0-31.9
Crude Oil, Oman43.53.23.2-29.0
NYMEX Natural Gas1.7-2.7-2.7-26.6
Gold Spot 1775.4-0.5-0.516.6
LME Aluminium1600.0-0.1-0.1-10.2
LME Copper6050.80.80.8-1.6
Hot Rolle...490.00.40.4-16.2
CBOT Corn347.01.61.6-13.5
CBOT Wheat493.80.40.4-13.2
Baltic Dry Index1803.
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